ray bradbury

Unfortunately on Tuesday, we lost another great writer, Ray Bradbury. Mostly I am pointing this out as a reader (and aspiring writer) because I admire what little of his work that I’ve read, and plan on reading more.

From a graphic standpoint, I really enjoy the image on his front page. The collage is a little eerie, which fits with his image, and when you hover over the boxes with a solid background, they reveal more of the main image.

The rest of the site leaves a little to be desired however. The layout of the images on each page is visually interesting, but it drives me crazy when the site itself isn’t centered in the middle of the browser.

As someone new to the web design world, I find myself noticing more elements of web pages than I did before, and figuring out what I like and dislike.

In the end, it’s always sad when someone you admire passes away, and though none of us live forever, it’s inspiring to know that his work will live on.