milliebot website up and running!

I did it, I finally finished enough of my website to launch it! I am so excited. It feels amazing to actually have a website for myself that I designed, rather than a simple blog. Woo! Of course, there are still tweaks that need to be made, but it’s functional for now!



I’ve been side-tracked from my own website because I’ve been working on a website for a DJ that we know.

Nothing is finalized at the moment, but hopefully he will like the color scheme and header (I know I do!) Nothing crazy for the layout, just a clean, simple design that gets his information across. I am obsessed with rollover images, so I am having a lot of fun with those right now.

I am planning on getting my site up and running within the next week or two. It’s not fully finished, but I have enough to get it out there. Basically I just need to finish resizing and saving my artwork for the web. I don’t want that tedious work to keep me from actually having a real website up and running, so I’m going to do something about that soon. Plus, having my site up will keep me motivated to continue uploading my images.

blogs i love

I wanted to share some of the blogs that I really love–I follow too many to keep up with at this point–so I just picked a few to showcase.

The Chic-Type blog is a great source of typography inspiration. Svetlana does all the work hunting down great examples of typography and design, so that I can just look at them! ;D She also posts some of her own work now and then.

The SpoonGraphics blog is where I find a lot of great design tutorials (that I need to actually try my hand at one of these days). He also regularly posts excellent examples of designs for inspiration and admiration.

Eat Drink Chic always has great posts about fashion, accessories and home wares.

How About Orange is an excellent source for DIY tutorials, as well as inspiration for your home. She also posts about free fonts and free design resources such as cards and labels to download for personal use. I’ve saved quite a few craft tutorials from her blog, as well as design ideas for my future home.  Jessica is also an amazing designer.

Monika Roe is an amazing illustrator, and I hope to be on her level someday.

ray bradbury

Unfortunately on Tuesday, we lost another great writer, Ray Bradbury. Mostly I am pointing this out as a reader (and aspiring writer) because I admire what little of his work that I’ve read, and plan on reading more.

From a graphic standpoint, I really enjoy the image on his front page. The collage is a little eerie, which fits with his image, and when you hover over the boxes with a solid background, they reveal more of the main image.

The rest of the site leaves a little to be desired however. The layout of the images on each page is visually interesting, but it drives me crazy when the site itself isn’t centered in the middle of the browser.

As someone new to the web design world, I find myself noticing more elements of web pages than I did before, and figuring out what I like and dislike.

In the end, it’s always sad when someone you admire passes away, and though none of us live forever, it’s inspiring to know that his work will live on.