day 5 & 6: nancy


5.6Today was a relaxing day – no major plans during the day, except to prepare for the Superbowl party J&M were throwing. Naturally we started our day with coffee from McCafé. Trés fancy! This time I took pictures of all the cute little treats they sell, though I decided against ordering a macaron, because after having the ultra-delicious, fancy ones the day before, I figured I’d be pretty disappointed by the ones McD’s had to offer. This time though, we got our coffee to go (gasp!) and it still took forever for them to make. Again, French people just have way more time on their hands!


I enjoy their ‘this is hot!’ symbol





I took a few pictures of some random shops we passed by on our little jaunt.


A bar window



This picture is for Sarah

This picture is for Sarah

Justin had ordered chicken wings so that they’d be ready to pick up the day of the party. But when we got to the butcher’s, the guy on duty didn’t really speak English and told Justin that his wings weren’t ready – they would be ready the next day. Justin noticed his name on a piece of paper behind the counter and tried pointing out the date on his order was today but the guy just kept shaking his head and saying tomorrow. We ended up having to go back with Margaret, and that time a friendlier guy was working and we got the wings. We also went grocery shopping and the store had everything from food to beer to TVs to car parts. And the cashiers get to sit down!!

I basically sat around reading and playing on Facebook. J&M made dinner for the party – Justin made some really awesome sauces for the wings: buffalo, sweet & spicy, mirabelle bbq, and coconut curry. Margaret made the best coleslaw I’ve ever had (I ate so much of it), plus we had veggies to dip in bleu cheese. They had other assistant teachers over to watch the game and it was a pretty good gathering. I didn’t really talk to anyone (yeah, I’m still shy), but I enjoyed listening to everyone’s conversations (like a creeper).  Overall, it was nice to have a break from all the sight-seeing.




Another relaxing day – fine by me! While Margaret was at work Justin & I watched some TV. He nipped out for cigarettes and I’m glad I stayed inside, because while he was gone (probably about 20 minutes) it started to rain, then sleet then snow. Definitely not weather I wanted to be out in! I did a lot of reading too. I’ll admit that while it was nice to take a break from the constant barrage of awesome sights to see, not having anything to focus on made me homesick (probably because all I do at home is curl up with a book). For lunch, Justin and I had a random assortment of leftovers – kimchi, cheese, olives, pickles, pickled radish and garlic, marinated mushrooms, crunchy bread and red pepper jelly. I was really digging the picked radish!


Art Nouveau style woodwork at the local bank

Finally the weather cleared up, so we wandered around Nancy for a bit. We went to the main square of the town, which is all cobblestone and gilded fences and fancy looking buildings with all that old-world charm. There was a pretty cool looking fountain too, but of course it was under construction. There was also this glass shop called Daum, and I guess they’re pretty famous (and expensive!), so we poked around there too.

We walked around the Duke’s palace and saw a really old section of wall, which is part of what used to surround the whole town. There were some cute looking shops too, but I didn’t really feel like shopping.




The wall

We stopped in at the apartment (so I could put more layers on) and then went out again because Margaret was giving an English lesson. We went back out to pick up our La galette des Rois (King Cake), and of course we had issues picking that up too. Due to the language barrier we didn’t end up picking up the cake the Margaret had ordered, but we ended up just picking one out from the ones they had ready. Then we stopped at a bar called Les Artistes, which was a three-story bar with with dilapidated couches and creaky wooden floors. Neat place though (except their bathroom was friggen disgusting).


Art Nouveau house

Dinner was wings again, this time samurai (my favorite), buffalo, Asian (had fish sauce in it, but was also a sweet and sour sesame goodness), and salt and vinegar (which made my eyes water). There was also salad with home-made dressing and goat cheese (my obsession at the time). We ate the galette, and I got the little favor inside (a porcelain sphere with what I think are polar bears on it), which made me  King for a Day, and I also got the paper crown. The galette was very flaky and delicious, with a light filling inside – the flavor is hard to describe. We finished up with a shot of the Korean liquor the couch surfers left behind, but it was kind of like bland sake and I didn’t finish mine.