design preview

So I actually started working on this today. Hoping to refine my pen tool skills. Her hat is giving me a lot of difficulty. I’m not 100% settled on the colors yet either, that can come later. I am going for a flat look, but I do still want some details. I probably won’t mess with that until I have a full figure finished though.

I really do love working in Illustrator, I just have a lot of issues drawing with a mouse. Even if I sketch something and scan it to trace (like this picture I’m working on), I still can’t trace it exactly the way it’s laid out. I am not sure if having a tablet would really improve that or not.

I want to trace a lot of my projects from the design class I took my freshman year of college. We did everything by hand for that class, so now I’d like to do my digital spin on everything.

Eventually (my list of art-related things I’d like to do is a long one) I want to do more drawing by hand as well.


illustration friday


Today I finally decided to submit something to Illustration Friday, a weekly little inspirational challenge. I found this site a couple years ago, and have only once submitted an idea. Ideally, I would be more disciplined, and try my hand at each weekly topic. It’s a good chance to just design/draw something. As it is, this is from college, but this week’s topic is ‘identical’ and I felt this matched that pretty well. I am actually going to start making my digital copy of this soon, after some more work on a project for a friend of mine. Going to post pictures from my weekend in Maine over the next couple days as well.