motivation monday


Did some more scrapbooking and a little nail painting for my Motivation Monday.


(lack of) motivation monday

I was feeling a little down this Monday, so rather than bust out the arts and crafts I just did a quick bit of writing. I wasn’t going to do anything at all, but inspiration struck and I knew I had to ignore my overwhelming desire to be lazy–that’s the whole point of having a ‘motivation monday!’ Today, however, my boyfriend and I found some motivation to finally rehang most of our artwork (after living at this new place for over 2 months).

Here are some random pictures:







motivation monday & tuesday

Did a bit of papercraft yesterday and today.


It turned out to be more of a challenge than I anticipated, so I didn’t tackle both the projects that I wanted to. I focused on completing two letters from Digitprop’s awesome paper alphabet.


Putting together these little guys took a lot longer than I planned, so the whole alphabet may take me a while.

I also did a little nail art…


And my friend came over to work on her project as well.

I also managed to squeeze in some computer organization. I went through all the random pictures that I’ve found via the internet over the years and categorized them. I love being organized. :]



motivation monday (a day later), or ‘the beach is still that way’

I went to the beach again…this time with others! It was a different kind of fun. I sure do love Hampton ^_^

My goal for next Monday is to tackle this paper alphabet project! So adorable and inspirational! I wish I thought of things like this…designing papercraft projects seems so intimidating though.

motivation monday or ‘the beach is that way’

This week I took myself to the beach for Motivation Monday :] I realized it’s the middle of July and I hadn’t been to Hampton Beach yet! So I gathered up my book, my towel and my camera, and set out for a day in the sun (Warning: This post contains gratuitous instagram-esque effects).



motivation monday & decorating

For this week’s Motivation Monday I did something a little less interesting to most people, but it needed to be done.

I have a TON of flower/nature photos and I finally decided to organize them by color. It’s easier for me to find what I’m looking for that way. I also categorized my other photos by family, friends, etc. I haven’t decided how I want to plan out my photo albums, so all my photos are just loose in a box. Now they’re easier for me access.

I’ve also added a few little decorations to the apartment since we’ll probably be here for a while.

My dad dug this up for me. :]

Not the best shots, but I’ve added some hanging photos to add some color to the apartment.

motivation monday

For this week’s Motivation Monday (yes, I realize I am posting this on a Tuesday) I did more scrapbooking, but in a different style. I have a small notebook that I keep all sorts of random ephemera in like movie and event tickets, fortunes, chopstick wrappers, beer labels, brochures, playbills, and anything else I feel like throwing in there.

I usually only sit down to glue stuff in once I have a couple month’s worth of tidbits to put in there, so it’s usually a pretty random grouping.

I’ll be posting photos from my vacation throughout the week.